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3 of the world’s sunniest cities

anytimetravelMost travelers consider soaking up the sun a must when on holiday. Visiting a sunny destination definitely has its benefits, from happy, laid back locals to a lot of time spent outdoors. The sunniest locations described below are located in the United States, Australia and the Middle East.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States – This small city sees the most sunny days in the world. The city was once run down, but now is a bustling area with young professionals, farmers’ markets, coffeehouses, food trucks and museums. If your looking to party the night away, travel 10 miles east to Tempe, which is full of bars and clubs.

Darwin, Australia – This city has a small population of only 150,000 people, yet they enjoy sun all year around with temperatures of only 32C. The people follow a very easy going lifestyle and are super friendly. This city has a lot of space and wildlife to look at. About 10km north you will find a city centre called Nightcliff. This area sports a few markets and stunning ocean views.

Nizwa, Oman – The Omanis people are very laid back, although the region is predominantly a conservative religious city. The sunny days are great for exploring. You could visit the nearby mountain Jabal Akhdar (meaning “the green mountain”), which is popular with hikers and overnight campers. Nizwa is also popular for its shopping area, which is called a suq. The suq is a good place to pick up some silver and pottery souvenirs.

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