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anytimetravel july 2016Just because you are older, it doesn’t mean that your quest for travel and adventure should cease. Research suggests that travel can extend and invigorate those who are older. If the travel bug has crept in later in your life, you may be happy to know that there are many advantages that senior travellers can make use of. Here are 4 saving secrets for senior travellers.

Ask and you shall receive – Always ask your travel agent for special rates for seniors. Most senior discounts are not advertised and some of them are very generous. For example, hotel stays can be reduced by 5-15 % for those over the age of 62.

Take advantage of AARP programs – If you are an AARP member you can have access to a number of discounts from reputed cruise companies such as Windstar cruises, car rentals and vacation packages. Remember to look into restaurants and activity discounts when on your stay.

Travel off peak – Since being a senior traveller means that your time is mostly your own, you have the privilege of travelling off peak. This has the added benefit of lower prices, fewer crowds and better discounts.

Take your time – As senior traveller you have more time to spend on travel, you can opt for scenic and longer forms of transport. For example instead of flying, enjoy a cheaper train ride to your destination. Renting your own car is also a good option as it gives you more control of the pace and time you can spend at each destination.


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