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4 Tips for traveling with a toddler

Travelling is stressful but adding a toddler to the mix can mean that your trip gets a whole lot more complicated. Here are some wise tips that will help you enjoy your holiday with your toddler.

Be prepared and organized – Start your preparation by getting all the details of your flights, transfers, and accommodation. Listing out some restaurants that are near your hotel that are toddler-friendly and those that offer a kid’s menu is also a good idea. You should also list some family-friendly attractions that will excite your toddler.

Enlist everyone’s help – If you are traveling with other family members or friends on your trip, you may be able to enlist their help. If you have family or friends that have children of the same age as your own, each couple could take turns looking after the children while the adults sightsee or shop.

Your flight – To ensure your flight is drama free and void of a screaming toddler, look at arriving at the airport in time to check in. Allowing ample time to get to the airport with a few stops on the way, is key to making the trip to the airport a stress-free one. Extra time at the airport may also help your toddler burn off some excess energy so that he/she can take a nap on board.

Be flexible – Everyday with a toddler is different, and this is the same even when you are on holiday. Therefore, if your toddler is having a bad day, look at visiting areas close to your hotel or look relaxing by the pool. Often toddlers will feel a lot better after a short nap or once they have eaten, so look at delaying your outing till your toddler is in a happier mood.

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