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There has never been a better time to travel. Not only is the dollar stronger but it’s easier to travel.

Best part: there are always surprises at every turn. The only question that remains: where do we travel to first?

That said, here are 5 destinations that you should travel to:

1: India

With India’s new visa-on-arrival program, travel is much easier. You can finally visit the Taj Mahal if you have always wanted to. For this, you can fill applications out online. Also, you can get documentation when you land in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or Chennai.

2: Europe

European vacations are definitely cheap. This is because of several budget airlines working along transatlantic routes. One example of this is Wow Air which offers fares as low as $99 from Boston to Reykjavik.

3: The Caribbean

Whether it’s the Bahamas or Puerto Rico, the Caribbean is showcases some serious design. Some examples are the Alexandra Champalimaud’s villas or even El Blok. If it isn’t already, several resorts are going for understated sophistication. It resembles the Tropical Modernism of the 50s and 60s.

4: Cuba

With President Obama making travel to Cuba easier, it’s worth the visit. The delights that await you are turquoise shores, vintage cars and family-run paladares. This is regardless of the political implications that might follow Obama’s decision.

5: Thailand

High-end hotels in Bangkok saw a steep decline in prices last year. This means that you can book a hotel room for less than $200 a night. Apart from Thailand itself, Delhi, Brussels and Prague offer excellent value on luxury hotels.

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