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Expedition cruises are not based on the cruise ship; instead, they are focused on the destinations. Most expedition cruise ships will have one lounge, one dining room, and small cabins, but they will give you the chance to visit glaciers, have forest hikes and see spectacular views. Here are five reasons why you will love an expedition cruise.

Adventure with creature comforts – Expedition cruises will see you through some rough yet spectacular adventures but will offer you comfortable, climate controlled cabins. The level of luxury you will receive will vary, but some offer spas, gyms, libraries, and internet cafes, while others offer the basics.

Small ships – These ships only have space for around 200 passengers. This is an advantage because these ships can go to locations that larger cruise ships cannot.

Access to places that can’t be reached by land – Some areas like Antarctica cannot be reached by land, and therefore this is the best way to explore these locations.

Enrichment – You can learn a great deal on expeditions, because biologists, geologists, anthropologists, historians and other specialists lead them. These professionals will be able to identify local wildlife or offer a cultural perspective on the place you are exploring.

Flexible itineraries – Expedition itineraries are often flexible and change according to the weather, tides, ice conditions and wildlife sightings. This can offer passengers a chance to see something that they would not have planned to see or explore.


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