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5 Ways to get sick while traveling

Getting sick when you’re traveling and on holiday can be difficult, mainly because you may not have easy access to medical help. Here are some tips to stay well when you’re traveling or on holiday.

You drink tap water – If you are a local, tap water can be safe to drink, however since bacteria found around the world are very different, a traveler can get considerable ill from drinking off the tap. Instead always opt for bottled water and drink your drinks without ice.

Eat food washed in tap water – Often vegetables and fruits may be washed in unclean water, which can transfer bacteria. Avoid fruits and vegetables that are raw, unless you cut and wash it yourself.

Rummage around in the seatback pockets – Airplanes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, therefore avoid rummaging through your seat pockets and clean the seat handles with a wipe before you sit.

Drink from unclean or unwrapped glasses in hotel rooms – Most hotel cleaning staff will wipe out the used glasses with a towel, which leaves more bacteria on the glass. It is best to wash the glass or mugs yourself before you use them.

Don’t hydrate, especially while flying – Our bodies need water to function at its best and to fight germs. Dehydration can cause you to be more vulnerable to germs and make it harder for you to fight an infection.

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