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The Mediterranean are great for romantic getaways or for family holidays. This list below, although non-exhaustive, is our selection of 7 amazing destinations of the Mediterranean.

  1. Corsica in France

Corsica has so much to offer apart from its fine golden beaches and greats waters. It is also a great destination for hiking with mountains covering almost two-thirds of the island. It also houses one of the toughest long distance trail in Europe.

  1. Cadiz in Spain

Cadiz is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalucia. It beautiful main beach offers a great view of the city and its cathedral. The food is excellent their and this place offers a good dose of history.

  1. Gozo in the Maltese archipelago

Gozo provides a peaceful atmosphere and even though its proximity to Malta, it is different in terms of the people’s accents, dialects and lifestyle.

  1. Mykonos in Greece

Mykonos is by far Greece’s most cosmopolitan island. It offers great sun, long-lasting parties and the good Greek life.

  1. Cinque Terre in Italy

Cinque Terre stands for Five Lands and consists of five coastal villages. Its National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, it promises an authentic green Italian life.

  1. Dubrovnik in Croatia

This city offers a sight of marbled streets and authentic baroque architecture. The beaches are great and you might even travel up the mountains and enjoy the view through cable cars.

  1. Adriatic Coast in Montenegro

The beaches in Montenegro are some of the most beautiful in Europe. The villages are beautiful and offer amazing views of forts and marinas.

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