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If your child or children are ready to travel, here are some unique travel destinations that are memorable and family friendly.

Northern lights and a snow safari – If your child is between 4 and 14 years of age, they will enjoy the Northern lights and a snow safari in the Finnish Lapland. The northern lights are a magnificent display of multi-colored lights and are a frequent sight in Arctic regions. To see the lights of the north, you will have to head north and travel above 60 degrees’ latitude. The Finish Lapland also includes snowshoeing, snowmobile safaris, and a reindeer farm.

Sun, sea, and sand – If your children are between 4 and 18, look at a vacation in Greece. Greece villages are beautiful and include beachside properties with hearty meals. Plus, due to the financial stability in the region, tourists will benefit from the reduced airfares and accommodation on offer.

Rome – If your kid is a traditionalist, and is between 7 and 18 years they will love Rome. Rome promises archaeologist-led tours that highlight the sights. Book a guided tour that covers the main attractions in the region. However, look at spending at least ten days in Rome to see the sights at your leisure.

Wildlife – The Galápagos is one of the best wildlife-watching destinations and is best for children between 12 and 18. Consider some time at archipelago which includes lava formations, cactus forests, highlands and tropical beaches.


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