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anytimetravelMost people think that if they check-in their bags, they are less likely to lose their valuables. However, this is not always the case, figures show that checked bags between 2010-2014 reported a $2.5 million worth of lost items. To ensure that your valuables reach your destination, here are 4 things not to do when checking in a bag.

Don’t pack valuables in your checked bag – Avoid packing items like watches, gold rings, iPads and cameras, as these are the first items that will be taken from your bag, if it is broken into. If you by any expensive souvenirs, they too should be packed into your carry-on.

Don’t pack items on the TSA’s prohibited list – It is advisable to avoid packing the following items in your checked baggage; lithium batteries (used in cameras), wet/spillable batteries (unless part of an electric wheelchair), strike-anywhere matches, electronic cigarettes and hoverboards. It is best to check online on the list of items prohibited on the TSA’s list.

Don’t use a non-TSA-approved lock – By using a TSA approved lock, TSA personnel can check your bag using their master key, instead of ripping your lock. Locks that are TSA approved, will be advertised on the label.

Don’t leave any loose ends – Make sure that your checked luggage is secure, by making sure all zips and fasteners are secured. Items dangling out of a bag, can get caught in the conveyor belt.

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