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Article written by TravelAndHolidaying

Your outdoor patio is one of the underrated gems of your entire house. For one, it’s the perfect spot to hold a social gathering, or even have a romantic night out. But, in order to maximize the appearance of your patio, it must be clean, tidy, and organized. If your outdoor furniture cushions are filled with mold and bacteria, it’s not only a den for illnesses, but it’s also disgusting. Nobody wants to sit on your patio couch and smell the fermented musk of mildew growing underneath. Furthermore, it’s also unsafe to constantly expose yourself to all the bacteria inside the cushion.

Clean Regularly

 Be sure that you clean your entire patio regularly. By doing this, you’ll minimize water damage, sun damage, and protect the condition of all of your patio furniture pieces. The last thing that you’ll want is to perform do another outdoor foam replacement on your couch when you just bought new ones the previous month. If you can, store all of your couch cushions in a bin that’s protected from water and sun exposure. Be sure that you treat your wood panels on your deck with a specially formulated serum that coats it to bring out the fullness of the wood. Also, be sure that you do a quick sweep with a broom all around your patio – you never know what dead bugs or fecal matter is hanging around on the deck. Keep this consistent, and you’ll maximize the condition of your patio.

Replace Anything That’s Old and Worn

 If a furniture piece is starting to look old and worn down, the first thing that you’ll want to do is inspect it for safety purposes. If a chair is wobbly, see if you can stabilize it by locating the screw of the base and tightening it. If you just leave it be, it could collapse the next time that someone sits on it. What’s even worse is that an elderly individual that’s fragile could be the next victim – causing serious injury. Be sure that you take the time to go through each piece of furniture. Check its condition and make sure that it’s still stable. The furniture pieces that cannot be fixed should either be replaced or thrown away. There are countless times where homeowners neglect to care for any of the pieces, resulting in a mess and safety hazard.
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