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How to Plan a Group Retreat Out of State

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Planning a retreat out of state involves foresight to plot out every point in your itinerary. Moving a group of people from one place to another, without losing anyone, gets trickier the less coordinated the trip actually is. If you don’t want to start your retreat off on the wrong foot, you’ll need some tips to help book a shuttle bus, airline flights and plan booking accommodations.

Road Trips

A charter bus can get your group across state lines, and may be cheaper than paying air fare depending on the distance you have to travel. These buses typically charge by the mile, so they are excellent for trips of only a few hundred miles.

Just make sure you take a picture of the bus, and note its bus number, when you arrive at your destination. It will be helpful to locate the bus on the return trip.

Airline Travel

Many groups will charter an airport bus to navigate to the airport for a variety of reasons. They are very affordable for large groups, and they make sure everyone arrives at their gate at roughly the same time. Most people would otherwise need to pay for parking, or make alternate arrangements to get to the airport.

Airlines are very accommodating to groups, and will usually offer group discount tickets and seating accommodations to keep the group together.

Booking Discounts

Because you’re a group, it should be little to no trouble to reserve a small section in a hotel or to save on airfare. If you can limit the number of suitcases your group brings, you can also save on the costs of moving luggage. Another idea for groups of a certain size is to rent a home via sites like AirBnB. The home might be large enough to accommodate your group.

Pacific Coachways specializes in arranging group charter bus trips throughout Southern California, including to major destinations such as LAX.

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