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Written by Crystal Seas

Paddlers generally start off kayaking, Washington state lakes and then generally transition to sea kayaking. There are a number of sea kayaking safety courses on offer by many San Juan island kayaking companies that provide the knowledge that is crucial when kayaking in the ocean. Here is a list of the most crucial sea kayaking safety gear.

Sea Kayaking PFD – All paddlers should be wearing their personal flotation device at all times. They should be securely fastened. A PFD is essentials as they will help paddlers get onto the boat in case it flips.

Sea Kayak Bilge Pump – A hand operated bilge pump is a must to get water out of your kayak.

Audio and visual safety devices – kayakers must observe the USCG regulations as it comes to vessels. Therefore they are required to carry both audio and visual safety devices. It is best to carry two of each. As an audio device a whistle that attached to your PFD is sufficient and an air horn that can be placed in a dry bag. As for visual signaling devices, you should carry a mini flare gun that can be stored in your bag and a small signaling mirror on your PFD.

Navigation Devices – Most often kayakers will lose their sense of direction, while in the ocean. Therefore, a compass and a chart of the area you are paddling in will help to assist you when you lose your way. You could also look at buying a good quality GPS.


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