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The best credit card for travellers

Using your credit card right, will earn you free flights, hotel stays and even entire vacations. However, there are credit cards that are more suited for customers. According to the experts, The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card ticks all the right boxes for travellers. Here are the reasons why.

There are no foreign transaction fees – Some credit cards charge a 3% free for transactions made overseas. However, The Chase Sapphire does not.

The card is free for the first year – Almost all credit cards will charge a fee of $45-$100 annually for owning a credit card. Some credit card company’s waive this fee for the first year and Chase Sapphire is one of them.

Signing up comes with a big bonus – Many cards have a signup bonuses offered to customers to lure them to use the card. Chase Sapphire is no exception. The sign up bonus offers customers 50,000 points, if the customer spends $4,000 during the first year of use. This is approximately $650 worth of airfare or the cost of a round trip in Europe. If you add another cardholder, the customer will receive a further 5,000 points.

You’ll get double the points on travel and dining – Most credit cards offer 1 point for every dollar spent. Chase sapphire on the other hand offers double the points on travel and dining.

You can use points with a wide range of hotels and airlines – Most credit cards will let you redeem your points for flights and hotels booked through the company’s website. However, Chase Sapphire gives you the benefit of being able to transfer your points to a variety of frequent flier and hotel loyalty programs.

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