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The top 5 fitness holiday destinations

Holidays are not only for relaxing and indulging, today’s holiday goers want a lasting change that gives them that vacation glow long after they get back home. Choosing a fitness holiday will make you a few dress sizes smaller and provide you with just the right amount of relaxation that leaves you refreshed. Here are 5 destinations that are ideal for your next fitness vacation.

Thailand- Luxury spas in the region are popular for their traditional thai massages. Thai retreats include yoga, pilates, running and trekking classes and excursions. Giving you the opportunity to experience the country and improve your fitness levels.

Philippines – Choose from a wide range of luxury wellness retreats, that will detox and rejuvenate. Activities involving yoga, reflexology and volcano tours will provide you with just the right amount of variety and relaxation. Most retreats provide fresh and healthy meal options that are organic and vegan.

Maldives- Escape to a paradise of sun, sand and water sports. The Maldives is great for surfing, diving and snorkeling. Most wellness retreats include yoga programs and Indonesians massages.

India- If you are looking for an Ayurveda spa holiday, India will deliver. The region has a number of retreats that offer yoga, meditation and fitness programs coupled with organic vegetarian meal options. Holistic spa therapies, will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Spain- For a fitness holiday like no other, visit Spain. The region has a number of luxury wellness escapes that include nutritional consultants, medical check ups and wellness informational lectures. Apart from the expert advice, Spain offers weight loss, detox and fitness programs to suit varying fitness levels.

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