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Tips for the beginner sea kayaker

1Written by Crystal Seas

Kayaking can be calming or adventurous. This experience gets even bigger when you kayak in the ocean. Here are a few tips for first time kayakers:

Take lessons

When it comes to sea kayaking, it is best that first timers should take lessons to get the basics down. When it comes to ocean, without the basic skills you can get into trouble very quickly. Most areas will have outfitters throughout the coastal area offering various levels of lessones.

The basics

Some of the basics you should learn are how to hold the paddle, the different strokes, reversing and how to balance properly. Then for the when you actually tip over, you should learn and practice the wet release so you don’t panic in open water.


One of the best ways to practice is first on dry land in a kayak. Next up you try the same motions in shallow water. If you feel comfortable with your level of skill then you can move to larger more open water gradually.

Take a friend

Kayaking alone is not much fun and is not really a good idea. This is even more so if you’re new to it and going out to sea. Ideally go with a someone who has plenty of experience, or join a sea kayaking tour and mention that you’re new. You will be able to learn something and be sure that you are in good hands.


A sea kayak tour is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The next time you want to take an adventure for your vacation like a kayak with orca whales , just leave it to the team at Crystal Seas.

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