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Top destinations to travel in 2014

Cape Town, South Africa

If you are looking for a place with trendy boutiques, great independent galleries and wonderful restaurants, then Cape Town is the place you are looking for. You could eat at restaurants such as the Test Kitchen where biltong, a local cured meat specialty is served with foie gras. This city is gradually gaining interest and prominence. It has been named the World Design Capital for the year 2014 having over 450 events in preparation.


As per the NASA, the Northern Lights would reach a peak of an 11-years solar cycle in December of this year. This would offer an amazing sight. You can also head to the Thingvellir National Park which is Iceland’s largest natural lake and fish for your meal. A hotel close to the park, the Ion Hotel proposes to cook your catch of the day for you. The hotels also has a bar with dimmable lights and wrap around windows, ideal if you want to enjoy a view of aurora borealis.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a world-class city with its revamped urban center, unique neighborhoods and innovative restaurants and hotels. The main attractions in Miami would of course be the great nightlife, parties and beaches. Miami is a great place to travel with friends. You can catch major events such as the Miami Live Month which features several musical performances and dance shows. Travelling to Miami is also the opportunity to visit the Little Havana which is rich in culture and the Coconut Grove.

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