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What can I do to make an RV bed more comfortable?

Written by The Foam Factory

A vacation should rejuvenate the mind and the body. Therefore comfortable sleep is key to enjoying a relaxed holiday. If you love traveling in an RV, but find it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep, here are some easy ways to make your RV bedding a bit more comfortable.

Feather bed topper – Mattresses in an RV are not as large as bedding at home, therefore look at adding a feather mattress topper to add extra comfort.  If you have allergies, it best to add a thick quilted mattress pad over your current mattress.

Pillow-top topper – Some camping goods stores sell pillow-top cover fills made from hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. Pillow-top toppers are a great addition to regular RV cushions and pillows as well.

Air mattress – Air mattresses are made to fit your space and come in twin, full, queen or custom made sizes. Just lay a soft blanket or bubble packing material beneath the mattress to protect your mattress from damage.

Latex mattress or topper – Latex mattresses are expensive but will offer good, restful sleep all night long.  However, if the cost of an entire mattress is out of your budget, choose a latex mattress topper for a fraction of the cost.

Merino wool topper – For a 100% cotton cover, choose a merino wool mattress topper. However, since this is an organic product, you will have to sun and disinfect it every three months.


The Foam Factory has operated in the foam industry for several years. They have various types of foam that is ideal for camper cushions and other outdoor uses.

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