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3 Places You Should Visit in 2015

Article written by Tokyo Travelers Guide

If you are already starting to plan your next dream trip for 2015, you might want to consider some of the trendiest places to travel to this year. Factors to consider would be developments, culture and global festivals that you might not want to miss out.


Tourism in Japan might have suffered since the 2011 tsunami. However, since then, the government of Japan has taken initiatives to clean up the countryside and has launched public relations campaigns to encourage tourism. A factor aiding tourism is that the yen has declined in value, making Japan one of the most affordable destinations in 2015. In

Lima, Peru

If you wish to engage in a trip that proposes indulgence in good food, Lima might be on top of your bucket list. The city has a reputation for catering to the most demanding foodies.To give you an idea, eight out of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America are located in Lima alone. The Peruvian city, however, is far from offering fine cuisine only. It also provides hole-in-the-wall cevicherias.


If you have children, chances are that they would be fan of the movie “Frozen” by Disney and they probably might have already asked for a trip to Norway. The reason for that being that the story is set in a fictional kingdom in Norway called Arendelle. Since the release of the animation movie, Norway has received a surge in tourism and tour operators have reported about 40% increase in their sales.

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