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4 Top Islands in the World

With the variety of islands found all around the world, it can be a tedious task to determine which are the best islands. The list below might prove to be handy if you are seeking to travel to a paradisiac island this year.


Providenciales is the most widely populated among the Turks and Caicos islands. Thanks to the great expanse of coral reef bordering the island, diving and snorkeling can be safely practised. The island is full of luxurious resorts and breathtaking beachscapes. The popular and imposing cliffs of Chalk Sound provide a wonderful background for kayaking.

Maui, Hawaii

The island of Maui is a popular destination for nature lovers. Visitors are able to explore the bamboo forests and churning waterfalls in the Haleakala National Park. Surfers are also presented with large stretches of warm and golden sands. The Hawaiian village of Keanae is a timeless place to visit.

Santorini, Greece

The major features of Santorini are recognizable even for people who have never been to the Aegean sea and visited the Cyclades. Santorini is known for its candy-colored habitations, deep sapphire blue waters and bright dome shaped white buildings. The beaches of the island have a unique black sand.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is known as a very breezy island and especially as the creator of the popular fortified wine. The island consists of a plethora of religious sites, various gardens and the Pico Ruivo mountain, which is popular among hikers. The temperature on the island is pleasant all-year round.

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