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4 Wonderful Summer Destinations

For many people, the urge to travel is at its peak when summer is just around the corner. The ideal trip is quite subjective as it depends on the taste of the traveler or on the type of experience sought. However, the list below might help you to decide on your next summer vacations locations based on activities and entertainment.

Paris, France

The City of Love is quite crowded during summer, for various reasons. Apart from the crowds and the relatively high prices at this time of the year, the weather makes summer the perfect time to be in Paris. Paris is also a great base to start on an extended tour of Europe.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui represents the perfect summer location with it multi-colored beaches, amazing scenery and choices of five-star resorts. Tourists in search of adventure can hike through the Haleakala National Park. Driving down the road to Hana is another popular activity. For a more relaxing vacation, you might consider heading the the Wailea’s shores.

Nice, Mediterranean

Nice constitutes of an excellent home base for tourists seeking the Riviera experience with Antibes, Monaco and Cannes just a few miles away. Nice is the perfect luxury getaway, especially around summertime.

Mykonos, Greece

In summer, this Mediterranean island transforms into a late-night party location. This probably explains why thousands of travelers flock to the island around the months of June until August. The island is popular for its decadent beach parties along with having great cultural sites to visit.

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