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If you are traveling on an overnight flight, you will have to master the art of getting good sleep to ensure that you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for adventure. Here are six tips to help you get better sleep on overnight flights.

Wear sleep-appropriate attire – Wear clothing that is nonbinding and breathable to help you get comfortable on a plane.

Relax before boarding – Get ready for your flight by enjoying a bit of yoga and stretching before you board. Many airports have yoga rooms set up especially for travelers to relax and get some quiet time.

Medicate appropriately – Melatonin is a good choice for a passenger who wants to get some sleep on a flight. For those who have nausea, you can opt to take Dramamine, which also causes drowsiness in most people.

Clear your leg room – If you have an economy class seat, leg room will be limited. Therefore, store everything in your overhead bins to maximize space.

Make sure your feet are warm – Pack a pair of socks to ensure your feet are warm during the flight. You can also pack a pair of slippers to help you walk around the cabin without having to put on your shoes.

Bring an extra blanket – Although planes offer clean blankets, they are usually too small to cover a person. Therefore, pack a warm blanket that will easily cover your entire body.

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