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A Decadent Hazelnut Feast at Paris’ Angelina Tearoom

If you’re addicted to Nutella and that hazelnut flavor is something you constantly crave when it comes to sweets, you definitely have something special in store for you at the Angelina Tearoom. Think of everything you love about hazelnut, only classed up into a truly luxurious experience.

Start out with a pastry from their classic collection. The Succès Noisette features a delightful hazelnut dacquoise biscuit enriched by pure sea salt. It’s accompanied by whipped hazelnut cream, a crunchy praline heart, and nuts.

Next, sample the Trocadéro, a hazelnut wonder from their newer collection. This one features crunchy hazelnut biscuits, layered with chocolate and hazelnut creams, and covered in chocolate with almond pieces.

End your hazelnut feast with the Coupe Rumpelmayer. This sundae is composed of ice cream that’s made of premium hazelnut from Piedmont, accompanied by a generous portion of caramelized hazelnuts. To balance out the richness, it includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a topping of whipped cream.

If the Coupe Rumpelmayer is too much to take after the two decadent pastries, order the Piedmont Hazelnut ice cream instead. Try it with a scoop of Chestnut Ice Cream and they’ll serve it with a generous topping of whipped cream, just to balance out the richness.

Before you go, purchase a jar (or more!) of their Gianduja Spread Cream. This is like no other hazelnut spread you’ve ever tasted before and, once you try it, it will definitely become the standard by which you gauge all other hazelnut-flavored treats.

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