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Article written by theoutdoorsblog

Most travelers will swear by getting sick after every trip or vacation. Studies show that airlines carry many germs, due to the number of passengers and the close proximity of seating.  The main reason for this is due to low cabin humidity caused at high elevations. At low levels of humidity, the mucus in our nose and throat dry, creating a more suitable environment for germs to infect us. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the airplane cold.

Stay hydrated – Drink lots of water to reduce the overall dehydrating effects of air travel. You will also reduce other symptoms of dehydration, which include headaches, stomach problems, cramps, fatigue and more. Sip on water and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, before, during and soon after your flight. You can also use a nasal mist to keep your nose mucus system working.

Keep your hands clean – Your hands are the first point of contact for a cold or flu. Because it is a direct line from the armrest, handshake, seat back and from folk to mouth. You can wipe down surfaces with an anti- bacterial wipe to reduce the transfer of germs. You should also you’re your hands often, especially after using the washroom and before eating. Also, it is best to avoid touching your face, to reduce the transfer of germs.

Don’t forget dental hygiene – Use a germ-killing mouthwash, which will give you added protection and help keep your throat moist. Just make sure your mouthwash is 100ml or less, to comply with carry-on rules for liquids and gels.


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