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Food safety while travelling

anytimetravelSampling different types of food, when travelling is an exciting experience. Although you may be willing to try local cuisines, your stomach may not be up for the challenge. To avoid spending most of your trip in the washroom, follow the tips below;

Most dietary problems are due to drinking contaminated water. This includes ice in drinks. When choosing drinking water only choose bottled water. Check the bottle to ensure the seal is intact and the expiration date. When ordering drinks at a bar, ask for your drink to be served without ice.

If you’re eating at a buffet, avoid cold meats, cheeses and unsealed mayonnaise. These foods are usually rampant with bacteria.

If you choose to eat fish, opt for smaller fish as they tend to be safer and contain less contaminants. Best to avoid any form of shellfish and fish organs, unless you are eating at a reputable establishment.

When drinking dairy products, check labels for products that have been pasteurized. Canned milk is relatively safe to consume.

When consuming coffee or tea from local street vendors, it is best to drink it black.

As a rule of thumb, freshly cooked food is less likely to contain any contaminants. Raw food such as salads, fruits and vegetables without its peel, are more likely to contain contaminants. When eating raw food, reach for fruits and vegetables that you can peel yourself. Remember if you eat something and it doesn’t taste right, stop eating it. The less you consume, the milder the ill effects will be.

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