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Written by: The Foam Factory

Whether you need an upgrade, or you’re moving to a smaller space that doesn’t accommodate one, selling your RV can be a time consuming process. RVs tend to be niche items that appeal only to a subset of people. Still, with some new RV cushions, a decent paintjob and a few modern amenities, you can make your RV appeal to anyone who is in the market. With these tips, the time it takes to sell your RV will be reduced.

Upgrade the Interior

People buy RVs for the style and comfort they get for long road trips. If the interior is outdated and dirty looking, you’ll never be able to get top dollar for the sale (let alone move it at a reasonable pace).

Tear down that old siding and replace it with new paneling. Rip out old linoleum floors and consider doing hardwood flooring or carpeting in place of it. You should also pay special attention to the sleeping areas. RV bedding, including sheets and storage, should all get a revamp. You can usually use affordable memory foam sheets, which are about the perfect thickness for an RV bed and cost a fraction of the price of brand name cushions.

RV cushions in the seats, or at the dining area, are also important if you want to add comfort. RVs should be like a sanctuary from the outdoors, so it should have all the creature comforts humans have grown to love.

If you give the interior a face lift, you’ll fetch a higher price when you attempt to sell it.

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