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Article written by Travelin Light 

Getting sick on vacation can really change your trip and cause you a considerable amount of hassle, time and money. However, here are some preemptive tips that can help you prepare for both critical and minor health issues.

Learn about your destination – If you are unaware of the medical facilities available in the country you are traveling to, it is best to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website on your specific destination.

Check your insurance – You should always take travel insurance when going on vacation. When doing so, check with your insurance provider on what is covered. Most insurance providers will ask you to pay for medical services up front and then offer a reimbursement when you get back home.

  1. Collect health care contact information before you leave – You should carry the following information in your wallet at all times.

Your regular doctor’s home and/or cell phone.

Your insurance company contacts and your insurance card.

Travel insurance company contact information (if applicable)

Embassy contact information (for countries in which you are traveling)

Know the generic names of your medication – You may not be able to get the same brand of medication overseas. Therefore, you should know the generic names of the medication you travel with.

Travel with a first-aid kit – It is advisable to travel with a few over the counter medication to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, headaches, indigestion and food poisoning.

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