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Kayaking: Tips for beginners

Kayaking is a great sport and very simple for anyone to learn. You could say that it is as simple as learning to ride a bicycle. Even first-time kayakers will be paddling along within just a few hours of learning the basics. Within weeks, a beginner could be good enough even to venture out and kayak with Orca Whales. Here are some tips that are particularly important for beginners:

Take lessons

The most important tip is to take lessons. Learning to kayak is not hard, but without proper coaching, you will waste a lot of time learning just the basics. Learning to kayak is not expensive and is a good use of your time.

Dress for the water

One common mistake is that people dress for the weather and not the water. The issue here is that even warm weather, the water is going to be cold. When you kayak, there is always a possibility of ending up in the water, and you want to be wearing something appropriate in the case that does happen.

Don’t go alone

If there is one tip that any new kayaker should take to heart is never to kayak alone. Even the most experienced kayakers rarely venture out alone. You can always get caught out with bad weather, an accident, or some trouble and it is always good to have someone else to help.

Prioritize safety

Once you learn the ropes and can kayak on your own. Don’t be tempted to go on a kayak tour on your own. Organized kayak tours from Crystal Seas, for example, will ensure your safety while giving you the adventure of a lifetime. Always put safety first.

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