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The best beaches in Australia

Australia is one of the world leaders when it comes to the beauty of its beaches and great surfing. The country has over ten thousand beaches to offer. Some of them are homes to diverse marine wildlife and others are so expansive that finding a spot all to yourself is not a tedious task. You might want to head to different beaches depending on what activities you intend to do. The list below breaks it down for you.

Surfing and swimming

Bells Beach in Victoria is a great place for surfers and is well known for its majestic swells. This is recommended for experienced surfers though and would be dangerous for swimmers. Swimmers could instead head to the surf beach at Torquay. Torquay itself has  been for several years now considered as the capital of surfing in Australia and is home to several outlets of great surf brands.


Clarkes Beach is found in Byron Bay in the New South Wales. This beach is north facing and, because of this, it gets a lot of sun. You might catch a glimpse of eucalypts, koalas and other fauna and flora. With sea kayaking trips, you might also get to see some dolphins and sometimes whales.


If you are looking for some calm and privacy, Whitehaven Beach in Queensland might be the beach to head to. This is a remote, yet very accessible beach with a link to deserted islands of Whitsundays. The sands are clean and white there and you may find boats, ferry tours or luxury yacht from Airlie Beach.

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