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The best spa destinations in the world

Are you planning a mini-break or vacation overseas with some friends or even your partner? Give your holiday a boost by choosing a destination known for their spa’s and massage therapy. Here are some of the best Spa locations in the world according to Garden Retreat Spa:


If you ask anyone to name a popular massage technique, more often than not the first one that comes up is Thai. Thailand is known for the hundreds of Spa’s that dot all of the major cities. Also, tourist and up-market destinations like Phuket have top-end hotels that focus on massage therapy and programs for the rich and famous. Thailand is a great holiday destination that also doubles as an attractive spa retreat.


Turkish cities like Istanbul offer some of the most luxurious spa treatments the world has to offer. Most guides and publications rank Turkey as one of the top two destinations for relaxing treatment and massage therapy. The most popular treatment is the Turkish Bath, a technique that dates back hundreds of years.


Another place synonymous with massage therapy and relaxation is the Indonesian city of Bali. Bali ranks as the best location in the world for spa treatments, and the hospitality industry caters to that niche. You get everything from jungle spa’s the beachside resorts.


Alternatively, you can get the best Korean massage New York without going too far. Often, we travel overseas forgetting the best the country has to offer.

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