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Spending time with family at Christmas is traditional and one that takes people back to when they were young and lived at home. However, most people will have more money to spend at the end of the year, due to company bonuses and have less work, making it easier to take time off. Therefore traveling during Christmas may seem like an appealing option. Here are the pros and cons of forgoing Christmas with Family for travel.

Here are the pros:

You’re on vacation – Your office will be on holiday mode, and therefore you will not be interrupted by calls or emails, which means that you can truly enjoy being on vacation mode. Resorts will also let stop you from doing your daily household chores like cooking, dishwashing, and cleaning.

No gift exchange – If you aren’t there for the holiday’s chances are that you don’t have to spend on presents. Which means that you will not need to shop weeks before Christmas and will have extra time to finish last minute work tasks, pack and get ready for your holiday.

No dramas – Family gatherings are nice, but that also means enduring an awkward silence with siblings, a few arguments and often a bit of drama.

Here are the cons:

Loneliness can set in – You can feel lonely on holiday if your travel does not include a partner or your children. While you may enjoy a lavish meal at your resort, you still may miss your mom’s Christmas pie.

The guilt – When you return you will also have to hear about what your family did for the holidays and what you missed.

No drama – You may miss the drama of family gatherings, as this may be a way of being closer to loved ones.


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