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Things Every Boat Owner Should Have Out in the Water

Summary: When you are out in the ocean you want to make sure you have everything you’ll need to have a fun and safe time.


Being out in the waters, whether that be on a lake or out in the ocean, can be incredibly rewarding. That being said, in most scenarios it is better to be safe than sorry. Coming prepared, especially under circumstances that could potentially be dangerous will save you the headache and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will be prepared for what may come your way.


In order to have a safe and enjoyable journey, regardless of whether your reasons for heading out in your boat are for leisurely or professional purposes, there are certain items you should always have on your boat. Below are some of the items any sailor should pack with them.


Safety Tools


When danger strikes you want to make sure you have what you need quickly act accordingly. Make sure there is an unexpired fire extinguisher somewhere onboard that individuals on the boat know how to operate. If a fire somehow starts on the boat and you are far from land, safely putting the fire out before it spreads should be one of the top priorities.


Similarly, having a first aid kit with the proper tools to handle a variety of situations. If a passenger gets sea sickness from the boat accidentally colliding with an inflatable regatta marker or if someone slips and gets a scrape you will be glad you had the remedy on-deck.


Clean Water


Depending on how long you and the other passengers are out on the boat, it is almost inevitable that someone will get hungry or thirsty.  Ocean water can be too dirty or salty to digest, which is why boat owners should invest in collapsible water tanks from Turtle-Pac or other manufacturers. These tanks offer a simple solution for storing large amounts of clean drinking water.

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