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Tips for packing a backpack

If you are a frequent traveler, you may learn that the lighter you pack, the less luggage you need to carry and bring back. Here are some tips to help you pack light using a backpack and still have everything you need to enjoy your holiday.

Cut it in half – Lay everything you plan on taking on your trip and half the quantity.

Choose a color palette – A color pallet will let you mix and match each item with one another, providing you with a lot more choices. Darker color palettes are always better as they will hide dirt, spills, and stains.

Wear it three ways – Each item you pack should be able to be worn in at least three ways. For example, a dressy sandal can be worn with a skirt, pants, shorts, or on the beach with a bikini, while a functional skirt can be dressed up and worn for dinner or worn as a cover up at the beach.

Try it out/break it in – Try all your items before you take them on your trip as you don’t want to pack something that you can’t wear. For example, make sure you don’t pack new clothes that may run when you wash them in your hotel room. Ensure all your clothes are washed and at least worn once.

Skimp and splurge – Remember that items like jackets, jumpers, and jeans will not need to be washed regularly compared to items like socks and underwear. Therefore, bring more of the latter to make sure you have something to wear between washes.


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