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Visiting Amman, Jordan? Check Out These Travel Tips

Summary: Jordan is a country that’s filled with riveting landmarks and a bustling night life.

While you might be wary of travelling to the Middle East for a vacation, it’s time you broadened your horizons. Jordan is a country that offers a luxurious introduction to the Middle East that offers both traditional and cultural aspects that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Amman is a perfect example. The city will grab you with its gorgeous landscapes and modern luxuries while retaining its cultural roots.

What Can You Expect from Jordan?

First off, the primary language spoken is Arabic, but as a matter of fact, many residents have basic knowledge of English. Communication won’t be as difficult as you might think! Also, if you’re planning on taking a car rental in Amman, you can ask the rental company for tips on where you can go to dine and shop.

If you’re looking to use an ATM, you’ll find a wide array of them all over the city. The major hotels and restaurants accept Mastercard and Visa, so it’s not mandatory to carry around a huge wad of cash.

Amman is typically warm throughout the year, even during the winter season. However, the best time to visit will be between March and May, or September to early November. During these months, you can expect daytime temperatures to be just right – not too hot and not to cold.

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Keep in mind that while you are in Jordan, its cultural tendencies are still tied in to the Middle East. While it may be more lax when it comes to fashion, in the traditional areas of the city, women should dress a bit more conservatively. Avoid wearing something too tight or revealing. Also, shorts and short skirts are a no-no. When it comes to the uptown districts, feel free to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts as it veers away from the strict dress policies.

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