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3 Top Backpacking Destinations in Asia

Ever since the sixties, a number of Western travelers have made their way to South East Asia, thanks to the relatively low prices as well as the sights and sounds that this part of the world has to offer.

Of course, this continues to be a trend that is followed today for the simple reason that there is a lot on offer.

Having said that, here is Asia’s list of top 3 backpacking destinations:

#1: Goa, India

anytimetravel#3: Yangshuo, China

Thanks to a recommendation by Lonely Planet, travellers first visited Yangshuo in the 80s. In stark contrast to media report of China’s industrialization, they found a quiet and picturesque region which spread from the banks Yulong and Li. Caves, green hills and peaks make up most of the sights with Yangshuo Moon Hill being most prominent.

#4: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Even though Bangkok and Phuket tend to be crowded with tourists in Southern Thailand, the rural North rarely gets the same attention. Chiang Mai serves as the region’s hub and is also the capital of Buddhism in Northern Thailand. One can see evidence of this at sites such as Wat Chedi Luang and Bhubing Palace. Also, given the cosmopolitan nature of the city, a number of bars, restaurants and all the joys of a nightlife can be savored too.

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