Things to look for when renting a San Juan Island vacation home

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With a multitude of San Juan Island vacation rentals to choose from, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you commit to renting a specific property. Here are a few things to look for while you’re choosing a vacation rental for your visit to the San Juan Islands.

Short distance to popular locations

If you’re visiting San Juan Island on vacation, you’ll likely want to stay somewhere close to Friday Harbor

Why you should try renting a luxury vacation home


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Are you going on vacation to commemorate a special occasion such as a honeymoon or an anniversary? Consider making it an unforgettable experience by renting a luxury vacation home. On most vacations, returning to your hotel room is seen as a break in between the fun and activities of exploring your chosen destination. With a luxury vacation home, the relaxation doesn’t have to stop when you arrive at your lodging.

Many luxury vacation

Three of the most unusual places to visit in the San Juan Islands

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If you’re the type of traveler who isn’t satisfied with the usual tourist fare, the San Juan Islands are home to some unique and fascinating activities you’ll enjoy telling your friends and family about. Here are three of the most unusual places you can visit in the San Juan Islands:

Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm

From their soft, fleecy wool to their amusing long-necked figures, alpacas can be some of the most good-humored animals on the planet. Watch

Extra Fees When Using Rent A Car In Another Country

While the actual price of renting the car itself might be fairly straightforward there is a whole list of optional features and additional fees that anyone renting a car should know. Knowing these things can help you prepare in advance and include them in your budget.

Hiring a car in Amman Airport so that it will there waiting for you as soon as you get in from your flight is very handy and be a nice feature if you know you will be too jet-lagged to

Best place to treat yourself to a scrumptious breakfast

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If you are in Paris, and you have to decide the best place to have an indulgent breakfast, then the only place that should pop in your mind is the Angelina teahouse. Breakfast at Angelina tearoom can be a great experience as Angelina definitely knows how to prepare one of the best breakfast.

You can go for Angelina Breakfast and get ready to be treated to a menu of mouth-watering food. You can choose tea, coffee or chocolat chaud of your

Quick and Easy Packing Tips

Summary: Packing is one of the less enjoyable aspects of traveling but there are a number of strategies you can consider using to make the process both faster and less stressful.

A lot of planning goes into traveling. While the idea of just showing up to the airport to go to your next destination may sound relaxing, taking the time to pack can be useful. Since you will be away from home for a number of days, you might be struggling to narrow down what you need

Angelina Tearoom: A Definite Must-Try in Paris

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It would not be wrong to say that no Paris vacation would be complete without the trip to the Louvre Palace to visit the Museum. Whenever you schedule your visit here, make sure that you plan to start your day at the Angelina Tearoom.

If you’re already making a trip to the Museum, then the Angelina Tea House, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the museum, would make for a great dining experience. You will understand why this century-old

Fun things to do on San Juan Islands

Each of the San Juan Islands has its own distinctly different personality. San Juan Island is the second biggest and most populous of the islands, with a less wild, more gently undulating landscape than Orcas Island, much more going on than Shaw or Lopez Islands. Here are some fun things to do according to San Juan PM:

Friday Harbor

If you're arriving by ferry from Anacortes you'll arrive directly into Friday Harbor and it's worth spending some time here. You can head straight for Café

Top Three Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Summary: When stress hits, it can physically and mentally impact your wellbeing. Here are some tips on how to destress when you need it the most.

One of the most physically and emotionally draining feelings in the world, stress can literally take over your body and shut you down. Studies have shown that increased stress can lead to poor decision-making skills, increased vulnerability to illnesses, and other detrimental effects. When it comes to managing stress, while it might not be the easiest thing you can do, it’s

A Decadent Hazelnut Feast at Paris’ Angelina Tearoom

If you're addicted to Nutella and that hazelnut flavor is something you constantly crave when it comes to sweets, you definitely have something special in store for you at the Angelina Tearoom. Think of everything you love about hazelnut, only classed up into a truly luxurious experience.

Start out with a pastry from their classic collection. The Succès Noisette features a delightful hazelnut dacquoise biscuit enriched by pure sea salt. It's accompanied by whipped hazelnut cream, a crunchy praline heart, and nuts.

Next, sample the