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How to create a carry on capsule wardrobe?

If you’re looking at packing a sensible wardrobe that will give you enough options but not leave you with a lot of luggage to carry, a carry-on capsule is a good place to start. Here are a few expert tips to help you get started.

Pack items you love – Only pack items that you are sure you will wear and those that make you feel your best.

Pick a color scheme – Pick a color scheme of at least four colors, so that all your items can be worn with one another.

Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes – Three pairs of shoes are more than enough, for example for warmer climates look at a pair of walking shoes, sandals and a pair of slippers.

Handbags – Look at packing one handbag or carrying one with you that lets you put your wallet, phone, and passport. Leather is a good option, as it matches almost anything.

T-shirts – Look at packing a few T-shirts in neutral shades. Colors like black, white, navy and gray are ideal.

Fitted blazer – A fitted blazer is great to keep you warm and will match anything from a dress to shorts.

Striped long sleeve T – A long sleeve T is great to wear for colder nights with jeans or for warmer nights with shorts.

Singlet tops – A classic thick strap singlet is great to wear under a jacket, with shorts, a maxi skirt or jeans.

Dark jeans and dark shorts – Denim is your friend when packing light, just choose a pair that fits well and one with a dark wash to hide spills.


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