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How to Shop Effectively for Dryfast Foam

Purchasing foam for a boat can be somewhat challenging due to the enormous amounts of products that are available on the market today. First of all, you need to purchase foam that is both water- and mildew-resistant. Otherwise, you’ll most likely end up with replacing them in the near future, therefore wasting your initial investment. One answer to this is what’s called closed cell foam – like polyurethane, which doesn’t allow water to get inside of the interior of the foam. This is an economical solution for your outdoor boat or yacht cushions.

Dryfast Foam

You can also purchase dryfast foam as a solution as well. These specially-designed foam pieces are made for high-moisture environments, and will help suppress microorganism growth in damp areas. Their large cells allow for them to dry out relatively quickly after being wet or even drowned in water. Used by many boat owners and homeowners today, dryfast foam has proved to be one of the most water resistant products on the market today.

Open Celled Structure

If you are seeking out dryfast foam, consider purchasing one that has an open celled structure. This type of design incorporates large pockets of air in between the material allowing there to be airflow that can pass easily through the foam. This improves the amount of time that the foam needs to dry. This open space also somewhat “forces” water out due to its large airy structure. In addition to this, open cell foam is also resistant to mold and mildew. As a matter of fact, most dryfast foams have an antimicrobial treatment that further inhibits the growth of mildew. This is only one of the reasons why dryfast foam has taken over the boating world by storm.

Homeowners Can Use Dryfast Too!

Its versatility is also celebrated as well. All you homeowners that have well-furnished patios need some sort of protection for their cushions when the rainy season hits. Although you can store them away safely, they’re going to be hit with moisture at some point in time. Dryfast foam allows your cushions to have a much longer shelf life and still provide comfort at the same time.

Remember to Measure Accurately

After purchasing your foam of choice, the only thing that you’ll need is an electric knife – and your foam block as well. Depending on your cushions, cut it to size, but be sure to take accurate measurements beforehand. You can also choose a combination of foams to use for your cushions as well. For example, you can combine both a memory foam topper with dryfast foam to gain both comfort and water resistance.
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