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The Proper Maintenance for RV’s

If your RV bedding is beginning to look out of shape, it’s important that you take a second look at it in its entirety. Some RV’s have a fragile frame that could cause serious injury if neglected.


If you take off the RV cushions around your bed along with your mattress, you’ll find a frame lying in the middle. Now, not every RV is the same, so you’ll need to adjust based on what yours looks like. Take a solid look at the frame and test it by placing small amounts of pressure on each part of the frame. If the mattress is the only barrier between your frame and the floor, you’d have to think that there is a considerable amount of weight that’s constantly being pushed down. Along with your weight on top, the risk increases substantially.


For some, an RV’s mattress lives forever. If that’s the case, there’s bound to be trapped dust mites, bacteria, and dirt within the core of it. It’s best not to wait forever to change your mattress, if needed, as you’ll be rolling around in all that waste for long periods of time.


Vacations aren’t a weekly event for you and your family. There are going to be times where you leave your RV in your driveway or garage for months at a time. Make sure that you periodically check in on it to do some light cleaning with some antibacterial wipes and disinfecting spray. Check in between the cracks and on top of your cushion filling to clear out all the bacteria that’s trapped.

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