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Tips to Help You Replace Your RV’s Seat Cushions

Written by: The Foam Factory

Owning a camper comes with many benefits. You have the luxuries of a miniature house on the road. But, because of all these great amenities, you’re also faced with the task of the upkeep of it as well. Your camper cushions might be the first thing that you’re going to need to replace. Here are some tips that will help you find a solid replacement.

Because they are one of the most important replacements that you’re going to make because of the long distances that you’re driving, you’re going to want to make sure that you find the best RV cushions that you can buy.

Wear and Tear over Time

After time passes, you’re going to notice that your RV bedding and cushions are going to become worn and flat. Just like in your home, you’re going to have to replace them with an ideal filling that’s not only going to keep you comfortable, but that will also last you a long time. Truth being told, you’re not going to want to replace them on a monthly basis because of the low quality that you thought would last.

Cushion Density

When purchasing a new cushion for your RV, one of the first things that you’re going to need to factor is how soft or firm you want your cushion to be. Take a look at the foam’s indentation force deflection value. A higher value will provide a much firmer feel while a lower number will sink in more and be softer.



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