Get Around Amman on Your Own Terms

By Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

The next time it’s time you got away for a bit, don’t just default to the tried and true trips you’ve taken a million times before. Stay away from other people’s suggestions too. They probably do the same thing.

Instead, check out Amman, Jordan for a taste of history and some modern experiences you won’t find here in the West.

For best results, though, make sure you look into short term leasing car in Amman, Jordan.

5 Tips to Avoid Potential Hassles During a Vacation

Traveling to another country can be fun. However, this can be made even more fun if one anticipates the potential hassles involved.

This is especially so if you are looking to travel outside the United States. Here are 5 tips that will help you to avoid issues and enjoy your time away from the daily grind:

1: Your Passport Expiry

Ensure that you check your passport’s expiry date before you consider leaving on vacation. If you have less than nine months,

The Evolution of the Bowery and its Landmarks

By Samuel Phineas Upham In the earliest years of the Bowery neighborhood, its most famous landmark was The Boar’s head Tavern. This was one of the few watering holes that George Washington decided to stop at on his way to the waterfront to witness the British depart from American soil. As the state of New York grew, the neighborhood became more affluent. The Bowery Theatre, which burned down four times in 17 years before the fire of 1929 finally destroyed the building for good, was its next largest landmark and cultural