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Extra Fees When Using Rent A Car In Another Country

While the actual price of renting the car itself might be fairly straightforward there is a whole list of optional features and additional fees that anyone renting a car should know. Knowing these things can help you prepare in advance and include them in your budget.

Hiring a car in Amman Airport so that it will there waiting for you as soon as you get in from your flight is very handy and be a nice feature if you know you will be too jet-lagged to think straight, but it does cost extra for this feature.

Another common one is insurance. A simple call can verify if your insurance covers rented cars, but if it does not then you will have to pay for insurance while you use it. Then there is also a deposit to pay just like when you rent a house or an apartment.

Agencies like Monte Carlo Rent A Car also have other optional features that all require you to spend more money. This includes things like a GPS system, a roof rack, a driver, and a booster or baby seat. However having a second driver registered who is allowed to also drive the rented car will not cost any more.

And, lastly, you will have to pay for any damage that happens to the car while you are renting it and, if you lose the keys to it, you will have to pay for them to be replaced.

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