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Best place to treat yourself to a scrumptious breakfast

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

If you are in Paris, and you have to decide the best place to have an indulgent breakfast, then the only place that should pop in your mind is the Angelina teahouse. Breakfast at Angelina tearoom can be a great experience as Angelina definitely knows how to prepare one of the best breakfast.

You can go for Angelina Breakfast and get ready to be treated to a menu of mouth-watering food. You can choose tea, coffee or chocolat chaud of your choice and orange juice. You can also choose from a selection of pastries, bread and salad. Eggs are also served and they can be prepared according to your choice. This entire breakfast menu will definitely fulfill your appetite.

The famous chocolat chaud or hot chocolate is served with fresh whipped cream on the side, thus making this yummy and mouth-watering hot dessert definitely heart melting.

For people who are looking for a different experience, then they can go for the ala’ carte. In this menu, there are some really good egg selections. You can either choose omelet, scrambled eggs or eggs benedict. Breakfast is served from 9am onwards. You can wait in a line or book your table in order to have a scrumptious breakfast.

Breakfast at Angelina Tea House will surely prove to be your ultimate experience. Do not miss the opportunity to go to this wonderful place that offers a variety of delicious and mouth-watering food for everyone.

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