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Having to sit through a long haul flight in a middle seat can be a nightmare.  But sometimes passengers just don’t have a choice, especially if the middle seat is the only option. Here are a few tips on how to survive the middle seat.

Try and change it – Although you may have had no option when booking your ticket, you can try calling your airline a few days prior to your flight to see if any aisle seats have become available. If this fails, try and change your seat when you check in.

Assume priority placement on the armrests – It can be confusing for passengers when it comes to armrest But on a full aircraft, the person in the middle has priority on both arms rests.

Check the plane’s seating plan – You should look at your seating configuration and hope that you have a 2-3-2 set up rather than a 3-3 setup. The former will have far less middle seats than the latter. This also means that if there are empty seats, the chances are higher that it is not a middle seat.

Go to the loo – You should visit the loo before you board and just before you take off. It is also a good idea to go to the loo before a meal service.

Look both ways – If you have a person next to you near the window seat, get out of your seat to give him or her the opportunity to go to the washroom or stretch their legs. This will prevent him or her, getting in your way when you are settled in.

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