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Article by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch

Meditating has become popular and even essential for many people. It helps with stress and it enables people to find their center and feel grounded. That’s so important in this day and time.

Golden Touch was formed by Zhang Xinyue and this organization helps people learn to meditate properly. But they go much further than this. They take their members to important centers in the world that are known to be energy vortexes. Members can gain so much knowledge and strength from these encounters. But they can also enjoy a memorable vacation.

Zhang Xinyue has written a book about how to create abundance in your life. She teaches people about reaching out to all the abundance that surrounds us. The world and the universe are alive with all types of creation. There’s no lack at all in a star system. There is simply beauty, peace, harmony and joy. That’s the way our lives should be.

It’s time for people to learn how to get rid of the stress and fear and become part of the abundance all around us. The earth is full of trees and plants. There are millions of insects and animals. It is truly an abundant creation so there’s really no reason for humans to live in lack and poverty.

Those are just a few of the teachings of Xinyue and she invites people to come and join her in Kuala Lumpur for a future conference. This city is modern, yet ancient. There are tall skyscrapers and monorails but also monuments and mosques.

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch. Golden Touch is an organization that was created by Zhang Xinyue of China. Each year, the members attend meetings in spectacular locations where they are involved in Elite training activities. Zhang Xinyue offers the teachings to help members learn how to become part of an infinite Cosmos.

Annual meetings for Golden Touch are held in Canada, Malaysia, Italy, America and other beautiful locations. Members can learn how to experience authentic joy and how to create abundance in their lives.

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