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Three Adventurous Activities to Try in Friday Harbor

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Friday Harbor is known as the central hub for all tourist activities on San Juan Island. Whether you want to go whale watching or you wish to sample the local food and art, there’s something for everyone there. If you’re the adventurous type, here are a few activities in Friday Harbor we think you’ll enjoy.

Zip Lining

Cruising through the air on a zip line is always an exhilarating, but safe experience. Friday Harbor’s zip line tours take you through some lush forests and shining likes, so you’ll get a trail-walking experience in addition to an exciting, unforgettable ride.


Sea kayaking is a fun adventure, a good workout, and a perfect chance to spot some of the breathtaking local wildlife. Kayaking takes you to spots you can’t reach on land for an unparalleled exploration experience. Spend a sunset or a day cruising through San Juan Island’s coves and shorelines.

Scuba Diving

Not only is San Juan Island a prime spot for seeing impressive avian species, but it is also a repository for colorful, unique marine life. Get some diving instruction, and then take a journey into the picturesque reefs lining the coast of San Juan Island. Be sure to bring a waterproof camera to capture the bioluminescent creatures under the island’s waters.

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