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Travel cushions and pillows

Written by The Foam Factory

If you are seeking comfort during a long haul flight, this might require some preparation. It might be to your advantage if you have already flown with the same airline. It would thus be easy for you to plan ahead and know about the precautions to take to avoid any discomfort that you might have experienced on previous flights.

There are several steps that you might take in order to guarantee your comfort during a flight. The most basic ones would start with getting a good night’s sleep prior to taking the flight. While onboard, you might consider staying hydrated by drinking reasonable amounts of water. You could also walk during some minutes every hour and stretch your muscles with simple yoga poses. Another tip would be to plan activities or to make the most of the audio and video programmes available on board.

Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry for several decades now. He has gained considerable experience in providing advice for customers’ comfort. If you tend to experience back or neck pains during flights, you could consider bringing your own travel foam cushion for extra support and comfort. You could also have a full body custom seat cushion made from lightweight foam. For the support of your neck, you can also bring along an inflatable neck pillow.

The Foam Factory has operated in the foam manufacturing industry since the 1980s. The company sells a variety of foam types for custom cushion projects, including for travel use.

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