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Top Food Markets in The World

Visiting markets is one of the best ways to meet with local people and to experience local food and season produces at cheap prices. Some of these markets are sometimes refined, scruffy, orderly or chaotic. The list below might help you find some of the best food markets in the world.

Union Square Greenmarket, New York City

In the 1970s, the Union Square was a hangout place for Manhattan junkies. In 1976, Barry Benepe founded a farmers market which helped farmers of the Hudson Valley to sell their produces. This also reintroduced New York citizens to seasonal food. The market now proposes a large array of fruits and vegetables.

Saint Lawrence, Toronto

This ancient farmers market has been open since 1803. It used to share the same space as Toronto’s city hall. The area was redeveloped in the 1970s and during the 1990s after several years of neglect. Now with a mix of residential and commercial outlets, the region has experienced an urban regeneration. The modern version of this market now holds more than 120 retailers and you can find just about anything ranging from seafood to coffee. Saturday is a market day.

Ver-o-Peso, Belém, Brazil

This market is incredibly noisy and chaotic but it epitomizes the Brazilian market life. It holds parallel rows of fishmongers selling a variety of catches. The variety of fruits and hot food available is also staggering. It is better to visit this market early in the morning when the fishermen would be unloading the catch of the day.

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