Updating Your Boat’s Look with New Cushions

Written by Carlo Badalamenti After a few years, has your boat’s look gone stale? Do you not get comments on how great it looks anymore? A quick and easy way to breathe life back into your boat’s design is to purchase some custom boat cushions in a new style. There are two main aspects that you will want to keep in mind when purchasing your new boat foam. The first is the stylistic design of your cushions. Be sure to take accurate measurements of all the cushions you will need

3 Historic Sites at Nassau

A large part of Nassau’s history is tied to pirates, loyalists, privateers and enslaved Africans. All across the island, you can see physical evidence of this.

So, for the casual traveler, there is a plenty to see. But the history buffs will have to look further and dig a bit deeper too.

Here are 3 more historic sites located at Nassau:

1: Clifton Heritage Park

This is a heritage park that is way off the beaten path, to be honest. You can’t even