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3 Historic Sites at Nassau

A large part of Nassau’s history is tied to pirates, loyalists, privateers and enslaved Africans. All across the island, you can see physical evidence of this.

So, for the casual traveler, there is a plenty to see. But the history buffs will have to look further and dig a bit deeper too.

Here are 3 more historic sites located at Nassau:

anytimetravel1: Clifton Heritage Park

This is a heritage park that is way off the beaten path, to be honest. You can’t even get here by public transportation but a taxi or a tour operator can help. Remember that it’s best as a day trip as there are number of things to see. Some of these include historical ruins, winding nature trails, three secluded beaches, snorkeling at an underwater garden structure among other at this former colonial plantation.

2: Rawson Square

You see two worlds at both Rawson and Parliament Square. On the one hand, you have a statue of Sir Milo Butler and on the other, you have Queen Victoria. The former showcases an independent Bahamas while the latter depicts its violent colonial past. While they are used for pedestrian thoroughfares, one can use this spot to take photos while also learn about the socio-political history of Nassau.

3: Pompey Square

Pompey was a popular freedom fighter and this square is named after him. Being a popular site where African slaves were sold, it is now a social hub where activities related to festivals, art shows, child’s play and lounging occur. Apart from this, there is an interactive water feature located at the center of the square along with bars, restaurants, shops and the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation.

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