A Guide to Planning a Solo Trip to Grand Cayman

A solo experience can be one of the most gratifying vacations you can take in your youth. If you get the opportunity to plan a trip somewhere like Grand Cayman, you can learn a lot about yourself. Travelling alone helps you understand sites in a new context, it gives you perspective and helps you understand more about yourself. It allows you to experience your new surroundings without the bias of others hanging over your experience. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan your solo trip to

5 Destinations That You Must Travel To

There has never been a better time to travel. Not only is the dollar stronger but it’s easier to travel.

Best part: there are always surprises at every turn. The only question that remains: where do we travel to first?

That said, here are 5 destinations that you should travel to:

1: India

With India's new visa-on-arrival program, travel is much easier. You can finally visit the Taj Mahal if you have always wanted to. For this, you can fill applications out online. Also,